Your Guarantee of High Grades

Just to remind you, our custom service aims to write high-quality dissertations done by PhD experts. Also, we work on academic pieces types such as term papers, reports, theses, essays and more with non-standard included.

With 12 years working in the area, our dedicated team can handle everything related to student’s assignments. Below are the guarantees we offer you as proof that we provide the best services.

A Guarantee of Quality

Each and every paper despite the required content is written from scratch by a native English Speaker, who is also a holder of PhD or A MSc holder. We choose a writer who has relevant background knowledge the field you need to be addressed,. After completing the task, we provide you with an edited, proofread and a custom-tailored piece completely done and ready for submission. If you feel the need of changing some few things on it, you have up to 14 days for free revisions after the paper is done.

NO Plagiarism Guarantee

We provide you with a piece which is 95% free of plagiarism. The content in it will be 1005 original, loaded with fresh, valuable ideas, eye-catching and a luring information. We give you a piece that any academic board, supervisor or valedictorian will find impressive. To give you the best piece of work, our experts exploit the benefits of Copyscape and run each and aver paper related to the topic through it. We give you the plagiarism report only if you need it.

Timely Delivery Guarantee

We respect deadlines. With only 3% of the deadlines that are missed, we provide top-notch competition to other services you will ever come across. Also, out of all the cases, 40% are delivered to our clients before the deadline giving them time to go through and each detail in the paper as well as cover the crucial points. It doesn’t matter how tight the deadline is, our professionals are always in a position to manage it for you.

Guarantee of Confidentiality

You get into incognito mode the moment you get you start using our service that goes on till you get your final piece. We keep each and every of our client’s personal information inaccessible; neither disclosed to state authorities or academic boards. In fact, the secrecy of your database is the main reason we are here with you. Be sure that the first person that will be having the final work is no other than you.

Money-Back Guarantee

Don’t worry about getting low-quality work or a piece that doesn’t meet your requirements. You don’t have to pay for anything that is less satisfying. If you feel the work is below your expectations, you are always allowed a Full Refund whenever you stop the writing from continuing or cancel the order. We always value your loyalty, and we can’t do this better than giving what you need.

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